LLC " Bashkir souvenir"

Scarves “NORTH AMUR”

Trophy scarf

Our art scarf was created based on the story told by Gulima Zhangabilova, a social activist, a member of the executive committee of the Kurultai Bashkir Orenburg region. It so happened historically that Bashkir women are not timid housewives looking out from under a husband’s hand. As befits Muslim women, they, of course, know how to shut up in time when a man speaks, but they do not lack energy and courage. They say that when the homeland called men to war (and Russia knows a lot of such periods), some Bashkir women, not wanting to part, also sat in the saddle and took up arms. In this sense, Gulima Salakhiyanovna is a typical daughter of her people. Her enthusiasm is not only enough to do the household chores of the mosque. She collected a whole collection of exhibits of Bashkir culture and everyday life and set up a real museum in the basement of her house. “This was presented to us by the head of the folklore ensemble from Bashkiria Vildan Yarullin,” she explains, unfolding in front of us a woven robe with an embossed pattern of the Orenburg Caravan Sarai. – In this costume he first appeared on stage. And this is a French scarf.

Gulima Salakhiyanovna holds out to us to feel the red cloth in a small white cucumber, and meanwhile she says that the Bashkir cavalry, fighting in France during the Patriotic War of 1812, came across an abandoned Algerian merchant’s train with headscarves. The regimental treasury did not need headscarves, and the Bashkirs disposed of them in their own way, taking some as a gift to their mothers and wives, and giving some to their fellow countrymen from other Bashkir regiments. They say that in grandmothers’ chests you can still find such a “French” headscarf.

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