LLC " Bashkir souvenir"

The world of our craft

The range of products of our company is hundreds of handicrafts and arts and crafts. All works are created by:

based on epics, legends and traditions, peoples living in the Republic of Bashkortostan;

museum rarities and finds of archaeological expeditions;

paintings by classics and works of contemporary artists.

Terra Bashkiria is an ancient Eurasian culture with an ancient history and outstanding personalities.

All that we produce, we present on the site.

All products are formed in the collection, for example: “Dolls of the peoples of the world”, “Sarmatian collection” “7 Bashkir families”, “Scarves of northern cupids”, etc. “Bashkir Souvenir” LLC makes souvenirs in its production and craft workshops: wood painting, hand weaving, ceramics, braiding, sewing workshop. Craft coworking is organized in collaboration with numerous artisans.